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Ronney's Story - FCE


Hi there! My name is Ronney and I am a 7 year old happy girl who is loved by my family very much. One early Wednesday morning in October, I woke up and my right hind leg wasn't working.  I was dragging that leg behind me as I tried to follow my daddy around. I kept falling down and eventually just gave up trying to walk cause I couldn't do it. My family didn't know what was wrong or how to help me. They called my doctor and made an emergency appointment.

After an examination and some x-rays, my family was told that I most likely had aFibrocartilaginous Embolism (FCE).   My doctor firmly believed that it was temporary and told my family that we would see improvement within two weeks. I was sent back home with my family and placed on two medicines (a muscle relaxer and a steroid) and boy let me ten you how sleepy those muscle relaxers made me!

I could not stand or walk for the first several days at home. I spent most of my time sleeping thanks to those muscle relaxers. My sister Jena did tons of research online to better understand what was going on and how to best care for me. It was from all that searching online that I made my way to Dr. Stein's office.

I had my first visit with Dr. Stein and Stephanie on a Monday morning. It was nice to have them sit on the floor with me while they talked to my daddy and sister. They were told that I would recover and that acupuncture and physical therapy would help me get there.  My daddy decided that I would have 4 acupuncture treatments and 10 physical therapy sessions.

I've now had 2 acupuncture and 4 therapy sessions with Dr. Stein and Stephanie and I can now walk around on my own again. I'm still working towards my goal of being able to climb stairs. I just want to be able to go upstairs and sleep on daddy's bed again!           

I get dropped off on Tuesday's and Thursday's in the morning and get to spend all day with my new friends at Dr. Stein's office. I'm always exhausted when I go home after my workouts!

My family wants to thank everyone at the office for everything they are doing for me. If it wasn't for my sister finding your website online and getting me here to you, I don't know if I'd be doing as good as I am now.  So thank you Dr. Stein, Stephanie, and staff for all your hard work! My family will be sure to tell others about the amazing things your practice has to offer should their "fur babies" ever encounter something like I've experienced.

Ronney & her family

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