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Included on this page are a variety of patient reports that exemplify the capabilities of our practice. We are thankful that the families included on this page have chosen to share their experiences. It is their hope that by doing so they will help other families that are experiencing similar events.
Aspen Ronney Roxy
Aspen Ronney Roxy
Cancer Pain Fibrocartilaginous Emboli (FCE) Degenerative Myelopathy
Ginger Shena
Ginger Sheena  
Acute Back Pain Chronic Back Pain Hindleg Weakness
Muddy Waters Cash McKenzie
Muddy Waters Cash MacKenzie
Hindleg Paralysis Complete Paralysis Osteoarthritis
Saunie Flo Team Robin
Saunie Flory Robin
Cancer, Diabetes, Weakness, and Pain Cancer/Radiation Therapy Pain
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