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Robin - Cancer/Radiation Pain

Robin and his Mom are true heros. They work to make our communities brighter and safer places to live; they never know when they may be in harms way. But Robin has an even tougher role; he has cancer; a rare form of cancer called epitheliotropic cutaneous lymphoma. It has attacked his facial structures and spread to regional lymph nodes. He faces a battle but his Mom and his many many supporters are determined to fight his disease both tooth and nail; to beat this enemy.

We are working with many others to help Robin in his battle. Our role is to evaluate Robin for all areas of discomfort, not simply address the pain caused by his radiation therapy.

While radiation therapy can help control the pain caused by certain cancers like bone cancer, radiation therapy can itself be a cause of pain. Early intervention with melatonin may mitigate radiation burns. Early intervention with multimodal pain medication is key to preventing significant pain windup. Acupuncture can be an extremely valuable supportive tool.

Robin is doing very well thanks to the many individuals involved with funding and providing his extraordinary medical care.

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Robin is in the running for the Law Enforcement / Arson Dogs American Humane Association Hero Dog Award. Please vote for Robin daily!

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