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Bear's Story - Athlete post-Cruciate Surgery


Bear was a dedicated athlete and he was his Dad's best friend. He could hardly stand. He could only take a couple steps before collapsing on the floor.


6.5 yr old MN Chesapeake Bay Ret.

Active, hunts upland game

Right Stifle sx 4/06
-PRT started 6 days after sx-twice weekly for 8 weeks plus HEP/home enviro changes/weight loss
-Bear hunting again by late fall, with some soreness after a long day

Left stifle sx 7/09
-PRT started 7 days after sx, continued twice weekly for 6 weeks, included UWTM this time
-had OIH on tramadol-noted 2 weeks post-op, able to change his medication plan to not include tramadol, but still keep him comfortable
-back to hunting by 10/09-pheasant/chukkar
-quicker return to field after second surgery-UWTM seemed to help
-maintained on adequan, duralactin and fatty acid supplement, rare lameness

paw print
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